Munich, Stuttgart, Bad Tölz, Landshut, Berlin, Cologne – In-person lessons will again be possible.
Hamburg – All our courses only take place online until further notice!

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We believe that the success of a foreign language learning program cannot be measured in the depth of grammar knowledge, but in the speaker’s confidence in using the language. Our language schools, located in some of Germany’s most exciting areas, put great emphasis on the practical use of the language. Our experienced teachers are native speakers and are committed to helping you advance and expand your German skills tailored to your actual needs and our teaching methods have proven their success numerous times. Learning in small groups and at convenient times, our students take the new language in stride and quickly gain the confidence of expressing themselves in both written and spoken German.


We offer multiple ways to learn German in Germany. Choose between regular classes, intensive courses and private lessons in various locations and become fluent in German quickly.

Learn German in Germany

How long does it take to complete a language course?

Typically the German language lasts for 4 weeks to 8 weeks, but it depends on the German language level you’re willing to prepare. Surely if you have a grounding knowledge in German language and you learn fast you can complete the course before its regular schedule is over.

Learning German during a time abroad in Germany is a good opportunity to combine learning with free-time, new friends and many unforgettable experiences.

Break down language barriers

Our German as a Foreign Language Courses are becoming increasingly popular. With its spelling, grammar and tenses German is a difficult foreign language. Would you like to learn German or enhance your German language skills? Would you like to extend your writing and oral skills for life in Germany? Our local or online German Language Courses make your life easier, both professionally and during leisure time. Our qualified German teachers gradually familiarise you with German grammar and spelling during the course.

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