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German course in Berlin


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Mon - Thursday; 09:00-11:00, 14:00 bis 16:00, 18:00 – 20:00 Uhr (CEST)


A1 (A1.1 + A1.2), A2 (A2.1 + A2.2), B1 (B1.1 + B1.2), B2 (B2.1 + B2.2), C1, C2

Group size

minimum 6 students


Modern and recognized textbooks guarantee a varied German course.


2 hours/day, 4 weeks

Course location

Sprachschule Creative language school Berlin

Registration and placement test

How do I sign up for a German course? How do I take the placement test? Get Information here!

Combine effective learning German and leisure

These German courses in Munich are designed to give you a quick and thorough understanding of the German language and the way it is used. They aim at putting you in a position to understand others and to actively participate in all kinds of conversations. Once you have completed the German course in Munich, you will be able to express your thoughts, ideas and needs in a convincing form and to communicate freely with peers, coworkers, authorities and everyone else. You will also be able to read texts of all kinds and to summarize the information contained therein in your own words. For someone who has just started learning German or who is still only toying with the idea of taking a German course in Munich, this seems like a pretty far-fetched objective. But in the history of our language school, there are hundreds of participants who have reached that goal in a two-week course and there is no reason why you shouldn’t join their ranks.

We are offering intensive German courses in Berlin for everyone who needs time to get settled abroad, yet also has the need and desire to pick up as much of the language as possible in a short time. Our German courses in Berlin put you on a fast track towards German language proficiency. If your stay in Germany requires you to communicate with many different people and if you need to be able to bring your message across, one of our German courses in Berlin often is the easiest solution. It will help you to quickly expand your vocabulary, become more secure in matters of grammar and use the foreign language in the way you need it. Intensive courses have the same subjects and contents as regular courses, but offer the opportunity to immerse yourself even deeper into the foreign language, so that you quickly progress towards full proficiency.

German 5 days visa course (4 weeks only 459 Euro)

Start: German course every month across the year

459,- Euro

Levels: A1/A2/B1/B2/C1/C2
When: Monday – Thursday; Course times: 9am-12pm, 2pm-5 pm, 6pm-9pm (CEST)

Group size: 7 – 12 students

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