German intensive course in Munich

– A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Learn German quickly at a time that suits you with Sprachschule Creative

Our German Intensive Courses for beginners and advanced

Learning a new language can seem like a daunting prospect, but here at Sprachschule Creative in Munich, we aim to teach you a functional knowledge of the German language in just four weeks!

The best and most popular way to learn German with Sprachschule Creative. Our Intensive Courses run from Monday to Friday in Munich and will increase your language level in just four weeks.

German intensive course from 17:00 - 20:00 (5pm - 8pm)

Duration: 1, 2, 3, 4

Schedule: Monday through Friday

Levels A1 through C2: beginners, intermediate, advanced

A1 (A1.1 + A1.2), A2 (A2.1 + A2.2), B1 (B1.1 + B1.2), B2 (B2.1 + B2.2) C1, C2

Deutsch Intensivkurs Kursbeginn TermineUhrzeiten
Januar 07/01/19 Montag bis Freitag17:00-20:00
Februar 04/02/19Montag bis Freitag17:00-20:00
März04/03/19Montag bis Freitag17:00-20:00
April01/04/19Montag bis Freitag17:00-20:00
Mai06/05/19Montag bis Freitag09:00-12:00
Juni03/06/19Montag bis Freitag09:00-12:00
Juli01/07/19Montag bis Freitag 09:00-12:00
August05/08/19Montag bis Freitag17:00-20:00
September02/09/19 Montag bis Freitag17:00-20:00
Oktober07/10/19 Montag bis Freitag17:00-20:00
November04/11/19Montag bis Freitag17:00-20:00
Dezember02/12/19 Montag bis Freitag17:00-20:00
Dauer: 1 bis 4 Wochen

German intensive course - Duration & Prices

German intensive course - 1 week

190, - Euro

German intensive course - 2 weeks

339, - Euro

German intensive course - 3 weeks

410, - Euro

German intensive course - 4 weeks

498, - Euro