Munich, Stuttgart, Bad Tölz, Landshut, Berlin, Cologne – In-person lessons will again be possible.
Hamburg – All our courses only take place online until further notice!

Learn German in Bad Tölz

One of the most crucial elements of a successful German course is the teacher. At the Sprachschule CREATIVE, we attach great importance to our teachers’ academic qualifications, experience, and personality. Only the best make it past our thorough assessment process in order to learn German in Bad Tölz as pleasant and instructive as possible.

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Living in Bad Tölz, you have already become acquainted with some of the most beautiful sceneries Germany has to offer. Now it’s time to take the next step, learn German in Bad Tölz and find your way into German culture and social life. By learning German in Bad Tölz, you will lay the groundwork for making new friends, easing everyday life in Germany and finding new job opportunities. In our language classes, you will learn German in a small group and with a native speaker, with each lesson bringing you closer to German language fluency.

10 Intensive Course Levels for Precise Placement

Learn German in Bad Tölz

Participants of all language skill levels and origins are welcome at the Sprachschule Creative. In order to be able to precisely adjust the curriculum to your German skills, we have further divided the rough European framework of reference for languages into ten sublevels: A1 (A1.1 + A1.2), A2 (A2.1 + A2.2), B1 (B1.1 + B1.2), B2 (B2.1 + B2.2), C1, C2. That way we can convey exactly those contents which best support your learning success.

Our adult language courses are taught using a dynamic and interactive learning style, encouraging you to actively participate in classroom discussions on diverse themes, group exercises, debates and role play activity. This methodology allows you plenty of opportunity to apply your newly acquired German communication skills, helping you build your confidence in the language. We offer various language course types adapted to varying requirements and different learning objectives.

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