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Learn German in Berlin

You will enjoy to learn German in Berlin with our high qualified teachers. We offer a wide range of different German courses:

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German Courses in Berlin

Berlin is Germany’s capital, power center and the largest metropolis in a German-speaking country. It is home to culture and shopping experiences, to one-of-a-kind sights and attractions and it is also home to more foreign nationals than any other German city. But while it is common to hear all kinds of languages in Berlin’s streets, learning German is essential to becoming a part of the city and to join its inhabitants in enjoying everything Berlin has to offer. Speaking the language of Berlin means opening doors that have appeared to be closed before and receiving the key to understanding the city and the country even better. Equipped with the language knowledge picked up in our classes, you will quickly find yourself at home in a vibrant, exciting city.

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Take the opportunity of our proven language learning concepts and learn German in Berlin in small groups and under the guidance of experienced native speakers. You will get a grasp of the colloquial language often heard in Berlin and you will learn the basic rules of grammar. But most of all, our courses to learn German in Berlin provide you with an easy path to becoming immersed in this great city by making the German language more accessible to you. We believe that expressing yourself, your wishes and opinions in a foreign language doesn’t require perfect grammar, but rather the ability to freely use words. That is why our classes put special emphasis on vocabulary and expressions, common terms and often-used figures of speech. Our classes are place where you are invited to experiment with language, grow accustomed to its sounds and lose the inhibition to speak it. You will quickly notice that you speak German more self-confident and much less reserved than before, as your vocabulary and your listening comprehension grow by the hour.

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