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Learn German in Landshut

Improve your language skills and learn German in Landshut. Whether you want to learn conversational German, become a fluent German speaker, or get ready for a trip to a German speaking country, Creative language school has a course for every requirement. Select between German language courses for beginners and advanced levels.

All of our German teachers are experienced native speakers, no exceptions. We are strict with hiring only teachers that have years of experience and can provide the highest quality teaching.

native speaking tutors

personal support

native speaking tutors

with little time expenditure

1:1 lessons

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Looking to learn German in Landshut? Our proven teaching and learning methods are available at our language school for everyone looking to learn German in Landshut and become fluent in a short time. Our method puts emphasis on the everyday use of the language as this is the best way to get a feel for the foreign words and expressions. With classes held by experienced native speakers, learning German in Landshut is a fun experience that yields immediate results and helps you gain deep access to written and spoken German in a quick, efficient way.

Learn German Landshut

Focus on German

German has 95 million speakers and is the EU’s most widely spoken native language. It is the official language (or one of) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. It is also spoken in some areas of Northern Italy, and in Alsace and Lorraine in France. The first mass produced printed book in Europe – the Gutenberg Bible – was written in German and completed in 1454. German words often appear to be very long – this is because many words in the language are created by merging together shorter words.

Advantages of the German Language Course

  • Professional language teachers
  • Pace of learning is geared to students
  • Learning how to understand and write German
  • Better understanding of the German culture
  • Speak German fluently and confidently
  • Put into practice what you have learnt quickly
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