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German Private Courses in Landshut.

German Private Course

German Private Course

German Intensive Course

German Intensive Course

Intensive Course A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

German Intensive Course

4 Weeks German Intensive Courses only 479 €

German Intensive Courses for beginners and advanced.

German courses in Landshut – learn German with us!

You want to learn German and are looking for a German course in Landshut / Germany? Here is our location in Landshut:

German Intensive Courses in Landshut

from Monday to Friday – 3 hours per day

Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00

Price: 479 Euro for 4 weeks

Start: Every Monday

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Our German courses will be held in small groups of up to 8 participants maximum

Learning German in Germany is the right choice. Our qualified teachers have developed a system that allows anyone who is willing to learn German to find his or her way in the jungle of German grammar, vocabulary, the tenses and all those extra rules. We guarantee you this: Our teachers are without exception trained teachers of German who will take care of you in pleasantly small groups. Only small groups offer the learners the benefit of learning German in a compact yet playful manner. This goes for all classes, from the beginners to the far advanced.

Our school in Landshut

Our “Deutsch Sprachschule in Landshut” is situated right in the heart of lovely Landshut. You will find us on Altstadt 94 in 84028 Landshut. Our school offers classes on all levels, from A1 for beginners, B1 for medium advanced learners to C2 for the experts. In addition, you will be able to choose what topics you would like to cover; thus courses in Business German, Commercial German or a special German course preparing you for an official test or a certificate are options.

So, it does not matter whether you are an absolute beginner or provide of some knowledge of the language or if you are out to perfect your German, at Sprachschule Creative Landshut you will find your tailor-made class. If you do not yet know which level you are at feel free to pass an entrance test free of charge. We will look at the results and recommend the right course that suits your purposes and status.

You can also find German classes on special topics. We offer you classes in Business German, Commercial German or German for medicinal staffers/experts.

So, whatever your aims, you will find the right course at our German language school!

Learning German in Landshut  with full board and an extra curricular programme

Taking a trip including a language course means that you will be able to learn and apply German in Germany, including classes and accommodation. So, if you want to participate in one of our German classes in Landshut we will help you find the right place to stay, too. We provide of a time-honoured network of families that are pleased to take you as their guests. This is by far the best way of getting in touch with “real” German people experiencing their specific ways in the process. But if you prefer to live in your own place we will help you find a place at the youth hostel or at a hotel. We will be there for you, from start to end.

In the course of our programme we also organise a number of outings covering all kinds of leisure activities. In this way, you can focus on learning German fuss-free, without having to organise anything. Get to know the beautiful historic town of Landshut. As a student at Sprachschule Creative Landshut you will enjoy both the German language and the town, be sure!