Munich, Stuttgart, Bad Tölz, Landshut, Berlin, Cologne – In-person lessons will again be possible.
Hamburg – All our courses only take place online until further notice!

Learn German in Munich

You will enjoy to learn German in Munich with our qualified teachers. We offer a wide range of different German courses:

native speaking tutors

personal support

online tutoring

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German Courses in Munich

Some have picked up a book by one of the great German authors and would like to dive deeper into that foreign language. Some have made German friends and now want to take part in their lives. And some have transferred to Germany because of a job and need to pick up some German skills so that they can have conversations with coworkers, business partners and others. We have heard many inspiring stories of people who have come to learn German in Munich and we are anxious to hear yours, too. But most of all, we are eager to help you become a part of Germany and to provide you with the language skills you need to make the most of your time.

At our language school, learning German is an experience that you will look back upon with fond memories. You will learn Germin in Munich in small groups of likeminded people and with an experienced, native speaker as a teacher. And while some grammar and learning vocabulary cannot be avoided, we are always striving to make learning German in Munich a fun experience you will enjoy. We know that learning a foreign language sometimes seems to be an uphill battle, but we are going to show you that in fact you will be able to understand and express much more after only a short period of learning. The more you learn in our classes, the more you will be able to pick up in conversations or texts and from there, it’s only a short way to German language proficiency. Our teaching methods have proven their efficiency many times before and will easily turn you into a German speaker as well.

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There are plenty of benefits to learn German in Munich. This city ranks consistently among Germany’s most beautiful places and attracts people from all walks of life. Once you have completed your language learning program, you will find a wide range of opportunities to practice your newly learned skills and become even better. The area also has a large number of employers and your next dream job may just be a few steps away. Plus, it’s not far to go to Austria or Switzerland, two more countries where you will easily find your way thanks to your time learning German in Munich. Our language school also offers add-on classes to expand your knowledge base and add to your fluency.

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